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TCE 4540 Center Post Lever-less Hydraulic Tire Changer

Lever-less demounting - nothing touches the wheel. Versatile center post design tire changer accommodates rims up to 30" in diameter. Dual clamping rollers effortlessly loosen tire beads and quickly performs tire to wheel matching. Easy to use control panel is integrated for simple and accurate tool operation. Improved center clamping system safely secures trim to base of clamping system. Fluid hydraulic system with the same robust hydraulic technology found in automotive lifts providing the reliable and precise performance. Tire lift included, which saves time and requires no lifting of wheel by the technician.
  • Totally “Leverless”
  • Full Hydraulic Roller Based 30"
  • NEW Strengthened Transmission
  • NEW Auto Clamping Center Post System
  • NEW Stronger Design Electric over Hydraulic Bead Breaker
  • Simple operation for quick and easy technician training
  • Faster, stronger and more reliable than air hydraulic system
  • NEW User-friendly push-button control panel allows lift, clamping and effortless tire change
  • Incorporates three points of depression essential in mounting low-profile and run-flat tires
  • Tire and Wheel Match mounting can be easily and quickly performed utilizing dual clamping rollers
  • Reverse Drop Center Adapter Option recommended for properly changing reverse drop center wheels
  • Unit is PAX approved and capable with optional PAX Adapter Kit

F00E900673 Model TCE 4540 Center Post Hydraulic Tire Changer

Inside Clamping 8”-31.5”
Outside Clamping 8”-31.5”
Rim/Tire Width* 22”
Rim Width 22”
Tire Diameter** 60”
Bead-Breaker Capacity 22”
Air Pressure 120-170 lbs
HP Motor 2 hp – 220 volt / 20 amp
Dimensions 60”W x 65 ”D x 72”H 1400 lbs

 * Rim Width is dependent on rim offset
** Tire Diameter is dependent on tire width

TCE 4540 Accessories
Recommended optional Reverse Drop Center Adapters for properly changing reverse drop center wheels


5-Lug adapter



6-Lug adapter



8-Lug adapter


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